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Wk 14- Artist Conversation

This week the artist that I spoke to was Lourdes Martinez. She is a senior and a photography major at CSULB. The gallery her piece was in was separated and had work of various artists. She only had one piece in the gallery. This was it:


Her piece is a picture of a picture of the Earth from 60 billion miles a away. it is the furthest picture of Earth. She zoomed in all the way to Earth and took a photo of it zoomed in and framed in on the glass. She was really interested in this picture of earth. She told us that photography for the most part is concrete. You take a photo and then you frame it and put it on the wall but she wanted to do something different. She wanted to display this piece almost like a slide under a telescope because it has a science feel to it.


She doesn’t have a website at the moment but is working on it.



Wk 14- Classmate Conversation

This week I had the privilege of speaking to two new people. I think by this time of the semester we have become pros at looking at someone, and just having a mutual understanding that were about to partner up for that classmate conversation. Anyways, this week I spoke to Tabitha Estorga and Jennifer Ramirez.

Tabitha Estorga is a senior here at CSULB and a psychology major. Actually, this is her last semester so she is super close to finishing all her classes. She transferred from Long Beach City College. Tabitha would love to eventually become a youth counselor, so she knows that graduate school is down the line. Right now, she is a server of a private tennis club in Long Beach. We asked her what she loves to do for fun and she replied that she loves being outdoors, whether its at a park or hiking. As for the question of the day, she replied that music is her escape from everything. She loves going to concerts and she and I actually have similar music taste. We both love J. Cole. She also mentioned that she plays the guitar, which was really awesome to learn.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Ramirez. This is her second year at CSULB and she is a bio chem major. She loves science and eventually would love to get her Ph.D. and work for a biotech company. Right now she is actually working at the lab here on campus and works with enzymes. She is originally from Long Beach. Although she hardly has time for herself, she loves to draw. She answered that drawing has made the biggest impact on her life because she gets in her zone and escapes her reality.

Getting to know these girls was the perfect way to end the semester.

Here is our photo!IMG_1572


Wk 12- Artist Conversation- Christopher Michael Linquata

This week, we had the opportunity to view Christopher Linquata’s artwork. He had a beautiful exhibit of his art. When you first walk into the room, the vivid colors and realistic element of his paintings really intrigued me




My first impression of his artwork was that he was a really big family man. Almost every one of his paintings had a family in it, whether it was his own or someone else’s. I also noticed there was a common theme of the beach, that he clarified was a port in San Pedro, which is one of his favorite places.

He also explained that his paintings are based off religious and renaissance paintings, interpreted by him. His painting, he said, demonstrate that he can still be worldly, or secular, but not necessarily be evil like religion suggests. The third photo is a take on Jesus in the world of demesne when the saints fell asleep while he was praying. In the painting you see him also asleep.

This was his thesis show. It is Christopher’s last year here at CSULB and he sayd that his art has changed drastically since he has started studying here.

He doesn’t have his own website, but he does have an instagram!


Wk 12- Classmate Conversation- Thomas Santillan

This week I had the privilege of getting to know Thomas Santillan.

He is a junior at CSULB majoring in Computer Science. I asked him why he decided to choose computer science, and he told me that he wanted to initially major in math. His friend suggested that he major in computer science instead, so he went for it. Although he doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do with it, he just knows that he likes it and wants to stick with it.

Thomas commutes from LA to Long Beach. He actually bikes to the metro and then bikes from the metro to school almost everyday! He told me about how he used to work at McDonalds and then at Best Buy, which he didn’t like so much, especially because he wasn’t so much into technology.

As a hobby, Thomas likes to read comics, which ends up being costly for him. He started in elementary school where he would read comics. It wasn’t until high school where he actually started collecting them. I asked what his favorite comic is and he immediately replied with Spiderman. he even has a tattoo of the spiderman logo which was really cool.

He told me about his early childhood, and how growing up, his family moved around a lot because of his dad’s job. In a way, they were like nomads. He has lived in Mexico and Minnesota where he first saw snow.

For the question of the week, I asked Thomas which color calms him and he replied with green, because it reminds him of nature. A color that activates him is red, since he feels aggravated by it. It was a pleasure getting to know Thomas this week! IMG_1318

Check out his website!


Week 11- Classmate Conversation- Daniel Guerrero

This week, I met one of the coolest people I have met all semester in this class named is Daniel Guerrero.

He is a third year biomedical engineering major here at CSULB (I dont know why I have a thing with choosing only math and engineering majors to interview). He wishes to eventually advance prosthetics and make cancer more bearable for the patient, which I think is such a great goal to have. I asked him what made him choose that as a career in which he replied that he has always been inclined to help people and he was inspired by Star Wars. He wants to make prosthetics like the ones you see in those movies and help people who are suffering.

Daniel is originally from Santa Barbara, so he has always been a SoCal kind of guy. Currently, he is living with two other roommates, but like me he wants to eventually live in a more private setting with maybe only one roommate.He currently works at the rock wall in the Rec Center on campus so he gets to communicate and interact with a lot of people throughout the day. After a long day, he doesn’t wish to talk more with his roommates at home so he would like to be somewhere where he can keep to himself at the end of the day. (holla)

For the Question of the Week, we had to ask if the person considered tattoos as art. Daniel immediately replied with yes, no matter if you draw it, create it yourself, or if you choose it out of the book because someone had to have drawn it. Daniel has actually drawn the tattoo that he wants to eventually get. It is of a dragon that is wrapped around protecting a scroll. The scroll has his sibling’s names on it. The dragon represents himself (a lover of dragons) and how he will always protect his siblings. It’s a really touching tattoo concept in my opinion.

He wishes to travel to Europe, and take the “Romantic Tour” of the continent. Not necessarily to go with a love interest or even to find love, he is just merely interested in viewing the most important and romantic spots in Europe. I really hope he get to do this!

It was a pleasure talking to Daniel this week. Check his website out!:)

Oh and I finally didn’t take a selfie this week. We actually got a decent picture!


Week 11- Artist Conversation- Kathy Yoon

Usually when I enter the art rooms, I always look at the art before reading the artist’s explanation for their work. That way I can interpret what they meant by their work for myself and I don’t have a biased opinion. This week I changed that habit of mine. I immediately read the explanation and it was to say the least very…hateful. Kathy Yoon explained that her art pieces basically represented the anger she has in life and how the hardships have overwhelmed her. She then transcended her feelings through these doll like figurines all positioned differently and in different stages of their life.


I especially liked this ballerina doll because Im a ballerina and I feel exactly the same way she is positioned. I just feel like the figurine is defeated with life, and sometimes that is exactly how I feel. Sometimes, I too just want to quit.


This a picture of all the figurines


This one is my favorite


I feel like this figurine represents those dragging around love when they don’t want to. Love can be a very overwhelming feeling that can follow you around uninvited. Honestly, Ive never related to a piece of art more.

Speaking with Kathy, she explained to us that all the figurines are basically made out of clay, with the exception of the balloons that are made out of tissue paper. It took her about two-three weeks to complete the pieces. Her gallery represents her life experiences, which served as her inspiration. I asked her what her number one emotion was created these pieces and she replied that it was excitement, which I understand because she was probably really excited to show her life and feelings through what she loved doing most. It was a completely new body of work for her so it was her experiment. Before, she mostly would use clay to make animals and focus on realism, but she didn’t get as much out of it as she did with this gallery.

Kathy Yoon

Kathy doesn’t have a website but she does have an Instagram! Follow her here!

Week 11- Activity- FIbers

This week we had the assignment to make art out of any type of fibers that we wanted. Immediately when I read up on the assignment, I thought about high school when all of my friends were into making bracelets out of embroidery floss. When you buy this type of fiber, it comes in may different colors shown here:


I decided to make more bracelets for this assignment, because not only am I creating art, i get to share my art with my friends and i get to tailor it to how they like it. I decided to make a bracelet for my friend Romeo and my other friend Melissa!

Romeo chose the colors maroon, yellow and, and white because they were his football team’s colors in high school.

Melissa wanted more pastel colors and I wanted to make hers a little more complicated of a design.

This was the turn out of the bracelets:



Fibers make art very interesting especially because you can do virtually anything with fibers. They come in so many colors and you can cut it, wrap it, fold it, and shape it in any way you want. It is a very versatile material and I know that if I had the creativity of true artists, I could make something really amazing with all kinds of fibers.

I have yet to finish them but I got a sense of nostalgia making these bracelets. I remember the time when I didn’t have to work and in my free time, I could actually make these bracelets for hours on end. It was nice to make that time again for this assignment.

Wk 10- Classmate Conversation- Shannelle Cruz

I have enjoyed meeting all of the people I have interviewed for the classmate conversations during the course of this semester. This week, I met another really awesome person and her name is Shannelle Cruz! She is a fourth year here at CSULB and studying for healthcare administration. This is her last semester and she will be officially graduating, since she already walked last semester which is super exciting!! She was born here at Long Beach so she is a native to this city.

Shannelle has been working at downtown disney at a sandwich restaurant for 2 years now. She likes working there and she says that she’s become immune and gotten used to the hustle and bustle of working in the food business. I can totally relate to that. Upon telling her that I worked at Starbucks, she told me that she used to work at the Starbucks in school, so at one point we were partners, since that is what Starbucks employees know each other as. I may get free drinks, but she gets a FREE DISNEY PASS AND FREE TICKETS INTO DISNEYLAND. I told her that she is my new best friend. She doesn’t believe me yet.

For the Question of the Week, I asked Shannelle where is the one place she would travel. She said that since she loves the Caribbean and Tahitian dancing, she would choose Tahiti. She loves the beach and since she has been dancing Tahitian for two years now, she might as well travel and get to know that beautiful island. I am so jealous she knows how to dance Tahitian! I really hope one day she will be able to visit!

Great meeting you Shannelle!

Check her page out! Shannelle Cruz

Wk 10- Artist Conversation- Matt Dumpit

This week, I had the pleasure of viewing one of my favorite exhibits this whole semester, and it wasn’t even photography! The whole exhibit used mechanics in order to develop an intricate collection of pieces that were not only interesting to look at, but you could also interact with them. The artist responsible for this exhibit is Matt Dumpit. He is from the Bay Area, more specifically East Bay. He is currently a senior at CSULB and a metals major. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a metals major, but I believe it now after seeing his exhibit.



The pieces above would move when you would turn the knob and they all looked like wings that were flapping when it was in motion.

Matt told us that he really enjoys engineering. For him, he gets lost in his work and it is like meditation for him to work, as I assume art is for a lot of artists and even those who aren’t necessarily. Art has an effect where if you really enjoy what you are creating, it can heal anything you are going through. For his gallery, it took him 5 months to complete everything. There was this one piece that i thought was so cool. It was a chair made of wires that was so intricate. But another interesting factor was that he put in a light that created a shawdow on the wall of the chair to make it look like a painting on the wall.


FullSizeRenderMatt told us that this chair was inspired by the Victorian style and that he used LED lights to create a clean line to get that painting sense on the wall. Other lights would had made it blurry and the shadows would have blended. His whole inspiration and goal  of the gallery was an expression of his emotions with motion that would get the audience to be involved and participate, not only look at the pieces. I believe that accomplished that.

Eventually, Matt would like to go into design and work in industrial design for an architecture firm.


Matt does not have a website, or any social media pages.

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