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September 2015

Wk 5- Classmate Conversation- Elizabeth Ochoa

I was honestly a bit nervous this week to meet someone completely new for our classmate conversations. I already wrote my posts on the two people I had been talking to since the beginning of the class, so this was the first time where I had to choose someone from the crowd. But I worked up my courage and when we were all together outside of the galleries, I noticed a girl who was also searching for someone to interview and meet. Quickly, I said to her, “Are you looking for someone to interview?”. She replied with a yes and in less than 10 seconds I found myself someone to have my classmate conversation with.

Her name is Elizabeth Ochoa. She is a 3rd year at CSULB and majoring in civil engineering. Another math person. These people scare me. Mostly because math is my worst enemy. Hence me majoring in Comm Studies. Anyways, we actually talked about how she loves math a lot more than any of the sciences because it is straightforward and there is only one clear answer at the end of it all, which I can understand. Although she likes her major, she is thinking about switching to psychology since she says she can understand it more and she is more interested in learning about how we think.

She was born and raised in Bellflower. I asked her if she could live anywhere, where would it be? She said she couldn’t live anywhere where it was too cold, but it couldn’t be too cold either. So I gathered that Long Beach/ Los Angeles was a pretty good fit for her.

I asked her the question of the week: What are you swimming in? She replied with school. Especially because every since we were 3, 4 years old, we were thrown into school and we are here for most of our lives so far. Also technology, because we are glued to our phones and when we lose it, we panic.

We talked about a variety of things and for a while in fact. So much so that I completely forgot to take a picture with her.

But here is her word press website, so take a look! She’s really awesome:)


Wk 5- Artist Conversation- Roddy Hernandez and Krista Tsukashima

This week, we had the privilege of meeting two artists that worked on the same piece together. Walking into the gallery, this is the piece that stood out the most to me. The colors were so vibrant and it looked like a piece of art that had a deep story behind it. I was not wrong.


The whole reason why this painting came to be in the first place was because Krista wanted to gather her group of friends and have an art exhibit showing off each of their art. But because it was a tight space and there were many of them, she decided that it would be a good idea to share art pieces and split the work. This is the reason why this painting seems to be split diagonally.

The top left half of the painting is Krista’s art. She spent time at a camp for the disabled and she was very intrigued by the facial structures of some of the people there. So we painting portraits of these men, with the background of the camp behind them.

Roddy’s half was very moving. He recently lost his brother about a month ago and wanted to paint something in memory of him. He had a hard time dealing with the grief of his death, and he found his outlet in playing pool. It was something that he has always enjoyed doing. In the painting, you see Roddy playing pool and the face of his brother behind him. There is a white cloud flowing through them, which signifies the aura of his brother flowing through him. It is a way of saying that he is gone but not forgotten and it shows how he is coping after his brother’s death. His story touched me, for a could never even imagine losing my brother. It really made me appreciate everyone in my life a bit more, because it only takes a second for them to completely disappear from my life.

Roddy and Krista have no social media or website. Hopefully soon! Their art is incredible.

Krista and Roddy with their artwork

Wk 5- Activity- Ethnography

Living in a huge city like Los Angeles, we overlook exactly how much electricity surrounds us. We can’t walk a block without the electricity lines ringing in our hears and the light of a lamppost illuminating our next step. Electricity has become such a given in our life and without it seems like an almost impossible feat.

Nevertheless, this week our assignment was to spend one night without any type of electricity. No phones, no light, no computers. This was especially hard for me because I had just bought the new iPhone 6S and the thought of not using it one of these nights seemed heartbreaking. But I decided to move on and complete the assignment.

I chose Saturday night to do this assignment, since I had an event to go to the next day and I needed the rest anyways. Since my favorite place in all of the city is actually my room, I decided that this was the place I would stay all night without electricity.

My room before the night

My room has a very dark essence to it, which I love. (My mom keeps telling me that my room is like a prison cell, which just makes me love it more). I set up a couple candles, hid all of my electronics in my parents’ room, and waited until sunset drew.

Once night had officially started, I tried to read a little bit, but I didn’t have enough candles, so it was extremely difficult to fully illuminate the pages. I scratched reading because my eyes were starting to hurt.

I kept catching myself reach for my phone, to see if anyone had texted me or called. I didn’t realize how much of a habit that was of mine. I started getting very antsy and anxious not knowing if anyone had tried to reach me. Maybe someone was trying desperately to reach me. Maybe my crush had texted (ha good one). Maybe someone was in an accident and I was their only hope for survival. All of these scenarios and questions filled my head. I hated not knowing what was going on in the outside world. I almost hated myself, because I never wanted to be so dependent on my phone and obsessed with technology. But this night had made me realize that I definitely was.

I drew a little bit in my sketchbook, and I wrote a little bit more in my journal. I felt like I needed a feather pen in order to write, if I was going to take this assignment seriously. At about 9:30, I couldn’t take it anymore. I forced myself to fall asleep. I am so used to falling asleep being on my phone, or falling asleep watching Netflix. Usually I watch Friends or The Office to get me sleepy, so falling asleep organically was really hard for me. After what seemed like 50,000 sheep later (maybe 30 min), I finally fell asleep.

I have to say, this assignment was eye opening. I never realized how much I take electricity, or anything electronic, for granted.

Being on Tumblr today, I came across this photo.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.17.10 PM

I found it really interesting how this came up on my feed this week. I took as a sign to put it on this blog post. Its pretty insane how almost 25% of the world has never had electricity. Of course, it doesn’t compare with the 76% of the rest of us who has, but 25% is still a pretty big number.

I leave you with this. This assignment was pretty freaking hard. But am I happy I followed through with it? Absolutely.

Wk 4- Classmate Conversation- Miguel Angel Lopez

Last week, I introduced you guys to one of the two guys I met on the first day of class. This is a post about the second one!

I met Miguel Angel Lopez this week. (Yes, his middle name is Angel, just like his friend, I already pointed this out, lets move on). He is a sophomore here at CSULB and is a Mechanical Engineering major. His main sport to play is soccer, although he likes to play volleyball as well. On his down time, he also likes to play the guitar and the accordion, which are the two coolest instruments in my opinion! I asked him what his favorite music is, and he couldn’t give me a straight answer (which I totally understand). He does love Latin music, such as banda, duranguense, and bachata. But he also enjoys radio music.

I asked him that question of the day: what is art? He replied saying that it is a form of expression, where there are multiple ways in doing so. It can be therapeutic and an escape from reality in Miguel’s eyes.

Ultimately, Miguel is excited about this class. For him, it is a new environment, especially because he has never done any of the activities that we have done so far and that are coming our way.

I couldn’t agree more.

We found some pretty awesome lighting for our selfie. Can we just take a moment…

Miguel and I

Wk 4- Artist Conversation- Tidawhitney Lek

This was the second week that we go to the art galleries at school and again, all the the art galleries were amazing. They were all so different, but well executed. It was really hard to choose an artist to write about. But eventually I chose to blog about Tidawhitney.

Talking to Tidawhitney
Her piece was a quilt made up of napkins sewn together. This huge piece a fabric was hung strategically throughout the room, where it would twist and drape in all different ways.

Speaking to Tidawhitney, she explained to us that they way that they hung the fabric reflects a concept of a tunnel. However, it is left up to interpretation of the audience to come up with their own vision of why it is hung the way it is.


On each napkin is a thought or a drawing. I asked if there was a cohesive theme that they were going for when they were writing on the napkins. She explained that there was no overall theme. It was more of a diary for them, where in the moment they were able to express themselves and write or draw anything that came to mind. She admitted that she regrets writing some of the things she did and put it on display, but I think that was the whole point of this art piece. She said that it was a great stress reliever, because there was no pressure and no judgement over what she wrote.

Some of the drawings/writing on the napkins

Installation took 35, hours and the sewing of all the napkins together took about the same about of hours. She told us that they hardly slept. They thought about this piece before summer of last semester and she said she felt privileged to show her work for free in this gallery, because other artists spend a lot of money to display their work and have anyone see their art.IMG_1289

Tidawhitney ellaborated that even though she would like to save the fabric, she knows that if she ever were to show it again, the composition would change. Because it will never be exactly the way she displayed it for that gallery.

If you want to see more of Tidawhitney’s work, visit her Instagram!

Wk 4- Activity- Painting (Venice Graffiti Walls)

You would think that a born and raised Cali girl like me would love spending a day at the beach. But honestly, I despise being at the beach. Sand gets everywhere and you feel all sticky. So these past activities have really taken me out of my comfort zone. But with good company, I have really enjoyed these days at the beach.

This week, we were assigned to use our spray paints and tag on either cardboard in a backyard or go to Venice Beach and tag on the legal graffiti walls. Since I live about 5 minutes away from Venice Beach, I decided to go to the walls. When I got there, all the people painting looked at me funny. It was probably because I was wearing a dress and didn’t look like the kind of person who would know how to tag well. And…. they were right. So I decided to choose a wall VERY far away from the intimidating, well drawn pieces.



I really had no idea how I wanted to draw my name. I’ve drawn it so many times in block letters, so I just decided to draw it the way I know best. I didn’t really like my colors, but I worked with what I had.

Version 2
My favorite action shot
Eventually, my name started coming together on the wall. It wasn’t the most appealing piece on the art walls, but it definitely stood out.


End Result
Finishing up my name, we decided that it would make it extra special if i wrote my Instagram/ nickname. So I decided to draw @emilyqt on the wall. We thought it was pretty awesome.

This is the end result and finally something I can cross off my bucket list.

Just call me the next Banksy.

Just kidding. You’re not even close Emily.

I would like to thank my photographer, Angel Guzman


Follow him on his Instagram. He’s pretty dope.

I was excited about my tagging
And to conclude, some words of wisdom from Venice Beach:


Wk 3- Classmate Conversation- Angel Meza

Being a senior majoring in Communication Studies at CSULB, Intro to Visual Arts isn’t exactly on my list of required classes. I chose it mostly because I wanted a nice, chill class. But along with that comes with not knowing absolutely anyone in this class. So on the second day of class, it was nice to sit next to two awesome guys who didn’t seem to be total weirdos. I chose one of those guys to learn more about and his name is Angel Meza.

Angel is sophomore at CSULB with  Business Management major, concentrating in Finance. So he’s a math guy. Obviously.

Right away, I found out that he’s a huge soccer fan. In fact, we was captain of his high school team. His best friend is Miguel, who has been his friend since elementary school and who is also in this class with us.

He wants to play for the soccer team for CSULB so lets hope that happens! In his free time, he hangs out with friends and plays video games and well, is just a normal college student.

Angel’s an awesome guy so it was cool getting to know him a little bit more. Here’s our selfie!

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Me and Angel

Wk 3- Artist Conversation- Kayla Workman

This was the first week where we met up at CSULB’s art galleries and got to see what the artists at our school get to work on. It was pretty impressive seeing all the talent that resides at our school. If only my art skills extended beyond stick figures.

We met an artist named Kayla Workman. For her exhibit, she and two other girls worked with a senior center called Acacia Adult Day Services. This center helps older adults with disabilities such as dementia or Alzheimers by implementing daily interactive activities.

Kayla speaking to us
She discussed how impactful this project was for her. From February to August of this year, she visited this senior center and worked with them on various projects. To these adults, it was a breath of fresh air to be able to participate in something fun and interactive. We asked Kayla what project they loved the most, and her answer was actually the project that was my favorite displayed.


Cyanotypes is a photographic printing process, commonly referred to as blue prints. This display was impactful for me, mostly because the participants were able to choose a photo that represented their past and print it as a cyanotype. Along the wall, you saw everyone’s passion, their heartaches, the people that they love. It was interesting to see that with only the one photo that they chose, you could almost imagine their life and what kind of person they are.

Kayla explained that this was the seniors’ favorite project because they were able to go outside and work from there, something that they aren’t able to do very often. She also related to us how it felt to work with this group of people. She compared it to how an owner feels when they leave their pet at home for a long period of time. When they come back home, their pet is overjoyed and happy to see them. Which was the mutual feeling and relationships they shared with the older adults at the senior center.

Kayla seemed very passionate about the work she created, not only because of the beautiful result, but because of the friendship and satisfaction that was brought along with the experience. I can’t wait to see more of her work. For more of her work, check out her webpage:

Wk 3- Activity- Social Photography

As a dedicated Instagram user, I was pretty excited for this week’s assignment. As a class, we each had to post at least 4 photos throughout our day on Instagram and tag #art110f15 on each of them. The result being a “group portrait” and a view on how each of us go about a normal weekday.

I decided to make a new Instagram profile, so that I could post whatever I wanted and not bug anyone. It was a good idea, just because I didn’t have to think too much about what I posted. (If anyone wants to take a look inside a day of my boring life, the profile name is emilyqart110.)


Some of my posts
Viewing the hashtag, I noticed a lot of things. I feel like most of things we as a class had in common was obviously that we went to school and enjoyed our school’s art gallery. I think all of us were really impressed by the artists we had at our school. But I also noticed that most of us went to work right after our classes.

For the other lucky ones who didn’t have to work, we weren’t having the extremely hot weather we were having that day, so I saw a lot of that also.

As a whole, I think we were all pretty cohesive as a community. We have school, and no matter if we go to work after, or not, we all try and make the best of our other activities. We show that we are having a good time and I think that is what life is about. Getting by and enjoying life while at it.

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