Hey all!

This week was plaster casting week! For this art assignment, we had to head down to the beach and make a casting of our foot with plaster. I have to say, it was a pretty unique reason to go to the beach, but I was pretty excited to get started. I went to the Santa Monica Beach on a Sunday morning with my friend Leslie, who also posed as my personal photographer for this experience.

To begin, we dug the hole for my foot. Next, we had to get some wet sand. So I took my bucket and headed down to the water. At this point, people were beginning to look at me funny. Here’s a tiny girl with a bucket that almost reaches her knees and getting some sand. Curiosity definitely set in for them. DSC_4380

Next, we packed in my foot. And packed it in some more, just to be safe.


DSC_4426 (1)

Taking my foot out of the hold was one of the hardest parts of this project. I was so scared that it was going to collapse on me and my mold would be ruined. Luckily that didn’t happen, and I went on to make my plaster and pouring it into my mold in the sand…



After pouring in the paster, it was time to kill time. Leslie and I pretty much sat around taking pictures, admiring the people around us…

Exhibit 1
Exhibit A
We also planned a whole trip to Seattle, Washington next month! So all in all, we learned that killing time waiting for a foot to be molded is very productive for us. After 30 minutes (and having a date of departure and arrival for our trip decided), it was time to pull out my foot in the sand…

DSC_4608 (1)



VIOLA!!! My foot has officially been documented. I was in awe to be honest. Also, a bit creeped out. But mostly in awe. It felt really awesome to have completed this assignment and try something I have never even thought about doing before. Now I know what to do if I ever want to make a paster cast of another body limb. Good to be in the know about those things. After everything. I put my foot in the bucket, and carried my foot all the way home.

Never thought I would be saying those words.

All in all, it was an awesome morning. Can’t wait for the rest of the art assignments this semester.

The end