This was the first week where we met up at CSULB’s art galleries and got to see what the artists at our school get to work on. It was pretty impressive seeing all the talent that resides at our school. If only my art skills extended beyond stick figures.

We met an artist named Kayla Workman. For her exhibit, she and two other girls worked with a senior center called Acacia Adult Day Services. This center helps older adults with disabilities such as dementia or Alzheimers by implementing daily interactive activities.

Kayla speaking to us
She discussed how impactful this project was for her. From February to August of this year, she visited this senior center and worked with them on various projects. To these adults, it was a breath of fresh air to be able to participate in something fun and interactive. We asked Kayla what project they loved the most, and her answer was actually the project that was my favorite displayed.


Cyanotypes is a photographic printing process, commonly referred to as blue prints. This display was impactful for me, mostly because the participants were able to choose a photo that represented their past and print it as a cyanotype. Along the wall, you saw everyone’s passion, their heartaches, the people that they love. It was interesting to see that with only the one photo that they chose, you could almost imagine their life and what kind of person they are.

Kayla explained that this was the seniors’ favorite project because they were able to go outside and work from there, something that they aren’t able to do very often. She also related to us how it felt to work with this group of people. She compared it to how an owner feels when they leave their pet at home for a long period of time. When they come back home, their pet is overjoyed and happy to see them. Which was the mutual feeling and relationships they shared with the older adults at the senior center.

Kayla seemed very passionate about the work she created, not only because of the beautiful result, but because of the friendship and satisfaction that was brought along with the experience. I can’t wait to see more of her work. For more of her work, check out her webpage: