As a dedicated Instagram user, I was pretty excited for this week’s assignment. As a class, we each had to post at least 4 photos throughout our day on Instagram and tag #art110f15 on each of them. The result being a “group portrait” and a view on how each of us go about a normal weekday.

I decided to make a new Instagram profile, so that I could post whatever I wanted and not bug anyone. It was a good idea, just because I didn’t have to think too much about what I posted. (If anyone wants to take a look inside a day of my boring life, the profile name is emilyqart110.)


Some of my posts
Viewing the hashtag, I noticed a lot of things. I feel like most of things we as a class had in common was obviously that we went to school and enjoyed our school’s art gallery. I think all of us were really impressed by the artists we had at our school. But I also noticed that most of us went to work right after our classes.

For the other lucky ones who didn’t have to work, we weren’t having the extremely hot weather we were having that day, so I saw a lot of that also.

As a whole, I think we were all pretty cohesive as a community. We have school, and no matter if we go to work after, or not, we all try and make the best of our other activities. We show that we are having a good time and I think that is what life is about. Getting by and enjoying life while at it.