You would think that a born and raised Cali girl like me would love spending a day at the beach. But honestly, I despise being at the beach. Sand gets everywhere and you feel all sticky. So these past activities have really taken me out of my comfort zone. But with good company, I have really enjoyed these days at the beach.

This week, we were assigned to use our spray paints and tag on either cardboard in a backyard or go to Venice Beach and tag on the legal graffiti walls. Since I live about 5 minutes away from Venice Beach, I decided to go to the walls. When I got there, all the people painting looked at me funny. It was probably because I was wearing a dress and didn’t look like the kind of person who would know how to tag well. And…. they were right. So I decided to choose a wall VERY far away from the intimidating, well drawn pieces.



I really had no idea how I wanted to draw my name. I’ve drawn it so many times in block letters, so I just decided to draw it the way I know best. I didn’t really like my colors, but I worked with what I had.

Version 2
My favorite action shot
Eventually, my name started coming together on the wall. It wasn’t the most appealing piece on the art walls, but it definitely stood out.


End Result
Finishing up my name, we decided that it would make it extra special if i wrote my Instagram/ nickname. So I decided to draw @emilyqt on the wall. We thought it was pretty awesome.

This is the end result and finally something I can cross off my bucket list.

Just call me the next Banksy.

Just kidding. You’re not even close Emily.

I would like to thank my photographer, Angel Guzman


Follow him on his Instagram. He’s pretty dope.

I was excited about my tagging
And to conclude, some words of wisdom from Venice Beach: