This was the second week that we go to the art galleries at school and again, all the the art galleries were amazing. They were all so different, but well executed. It was really hard to choose an artist to write about. But eventually I chose to blog about Tidawhitney.

Talking to Tidawhitney
Her piece was a quilt made up of napkins sewn together. This huge piece a fabric was hung strategically throughout the room, where it would twist and drape in all different ways.

Speaking to Tidawhitney, she explained to us that they way that they hung the fabric reflects a concept of a tunnel. However, it is left up to interpretation of the audience to come up with their own vision of why it is hung the way it is.


On each napkin is a thought or a drawing. I asked if there was a cohesive theme that they were going for when they were writing on the napkins. She explained that there was no overall theme. It was more of a diary for them, where in the moment they were able to express themselves and write or draw anything that came to mind. She admitted that she regrets writing some of the things she did and put it on display, but I think that was the whole point of this art piece. She said that it was a great stress reliever, because there was no pressure and no judgement over what she wrote.

Some of the drawings/writing on the napkins

Installation took 35, hours and the sewing of all the napkins together took about the same about of hours. She told us that they hardly slept. They thought about this piece before summer of last semester and she said she felt privileged to show her work for free in this gallery, because other artists spend a lot of money to display their work and have anyone see their art.IMG_1289

Tidawhitney ellaborated that even though she would like to save the fabric, she knows that if she ever were to show it again, the composition would change. Because it will never be exactly the way she displayed it for that gallery.

If you want to see more of Tidawhitney’s work, visit her Instagram!