Living in a huge city like Los Angeles, we overlook exactly how much electricity surrounds us. We can’t walk a block without the electricity lines ringing in our hears and the light of a lamppost illuminating our next step. Electricity has become such a given in our life and without it seems like an almost impossible feat.

Nevertheless, this week our assignment was to spend one night without any type of electricity. No phones, no light, no computers. This was especially hard for me because I had just bought the new iPhone 6S and the thought of not using it one of these nights seemed heartbreaking. But I decided to move on and complete the assignment.

I chose Saturday night to do this assignment, since I had an event to go to the next day and I needed the rest anyways. Since my favorite place in all of the city is actually my room, I decided that this was the place I would stay all night without electricity.

My room before the night

My room has a very dark essence to it, which I love. (My mom keeps telling me that my room is like a prison cell, which just makes me love it more). I set up a couple candles, hid all of my electronics in my parents’ room, and waited until sunset drew.

Once night had officially started, I tried to read a little bit, but I didn’t have enough candles, so it was extremely difficult to fully illuminate the pages. I scratched reading because my eyes were starting to hurt.

I kept catching myself reach for my phone, to see if anyone had texted me or called. I didn’t realize how much of a habit that was of mine. I started getting very antsy and anxious not knowing if anyone had tried to reach me. Maybe someone was trying desperately to reach me. Maybe my crush had texted (ha good one). Maybe someone was in an accident and I was their only hope for survival. All of these scenarios and questions filled my head. I hated not knowing what was going on in the outside world. I almost hated myself, because I never wanted to be so dependent on my phone and obsessed with technology. But this night had made me realize that I definitely was.

I drew a little bit in my sketchbook, and I wrote a little bit more in my journal. I felt like I needed a feather pen in order to write, if I was going to take this assignment seriously. At about 9:30, I couldn’t take it anymore. I forced myself to fall asleep. I am so used to falling asleep being on my phone, or falling asleep watching Netflix. Usually I watch Friends or The Office to get me sleepy, so falling asleep organically was really hard for me. After what seemed like 50,000 sheep later (maybe 30 min), I finally fell asleep.

I have to say, this assignment was eye opening. I never realized how much I take electricity, or anything electronic, for granted.

Being on Tumblr today, I came across this photo.

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 10.17.10 PM

I found it really interesting how this came up on my feed this week. I took as a sign to put it on this blog post. Its pretty insane how almost 25% of the world has never had electricity. Of course, it doesn’t compare with the 76% of the rest of us who has, but 25% is still a pretty big number.

I leave you with this. This assignment was pretty freaking hard. But am I happy I followed through with it? Absolutely.