This week, we had the privilege of meeting two artists that worked on the same piece together. Walking into the gallery, this is the piece that stood out the most to me. The colors were so vibrant and it looked like a piece of art that had a deep story behind it. I was not wrong.


The whole reason why this painting came to be in the first place was because Krista wanted to gather her group of friends and have an art exhibit showing off each of their art. But because it was a tight space and there were many of them, she decided that it would be a good idea to share art pieces and split the work. This is the reason why this painting seems to be split diagonally.

The top left half of the painting is Krista’s art. She spent time at a camp for the disabled and she was very intrigued by the facial structures of some of the people there. So we painting portraits of these men, with the background of the camp behind them.

Roddy’s half was very moving. He recently lost his brother about a month ago and wanted to paint something in memory of him. He had a hard time dealing with the grief of his death, and he found his outlet in playing pool. It was something that he has always enjoyed doing. In the painting, you see Roddy playing pool and the face of his brother behind him. There is a white cloud flowing through them, which signifies the aura of his brother flowing through him. It is a way of saying that he is gone but not forgotten and it shows how he is coping after his brother’s death. His story touched me, for a could never even imagine losing my brother. It really made me appreciate everyone in my life a bit more, because it only takes a second for them to completely disappear from my life.

Roddy and Krista have no social media or website. Hopefully soon! Their art is incredible.

Krista and Roddy with their artwork