I was honestly a bit nervous this week to meet someone completely new for our classmate conversations. I already wrote my posts on the two people I had been talking to since the beginning of the class, so this was the first time where I had to choose someone from the crowd. But I worked up my courage and when we were all together outside of the galleries, I noticed a girl who was also searching for someone to interview and meet. Quickly, I said to her, “Are you looking for someone to interview?”. She replied with a yes and in less than 10 seconds I found myself someone to have my classmate conversation with.

Her name is Elizabeth Ochoa. She is a 3rd year at CSULB and majoring in civil engineering. Another math person. These people scare me. Mostly because math is my worst enemy. Hence me majoring in Comm Studies. Anyways, we actually talked about how she loves math a lot more than any of the sciences because it is straightforward and there is only one clear answer at the end of it all, which I can understand. Although she likes her major, she is thinking about switching to psychology since she says she can understand it more and she is more interested in learning about how we think.

She was born and raised in Bellflower. I asked her if she could live anywhere, where would it be? She said she couldn’t live anywhere where it was too cold, but it couldn’t be too cold either. So I gathered that Long Beach/ Los Angeles was a pretty good fit for her.

I asked her the question of the week: What are you swimming in? She replied with school. Especially because every since we were 3, 4 years old, we were thrown into school and we are here for most of our lives so far. Also technology, because we are glued to our phones and when we lose it, we panic.

We talked about a variety of things and for a while in fact. So much so that I completely forgot to take a picture with her.

But here is her word press website, so take a look! She’s really awesome:)