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October 2015

Wk 9- Activity- Transmedia Storytelling

This week our activity in class was to participate in transmedia storytelling. Transmedia storytelling involves expanding past storytelling just on paper. Nowadays, we have the opportunity to create a whole other virtual  dimension of storytelling through social media, websites, apps, etc.

My group consisted of Miguel and Angel. We created a story of three members: Billy, Michelle, and Mike. We all come from different parts of the country. My character Michelle comes from Westwood in Los Angeles. She grew up really rich and privileged but was an only child. She sought out friends mostly on the internet and that is where she came across Billy. Billy asked for two people to be able to enter a semi pro gaming tournament for the video game Halo.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 10.41.51 PM

Mike and Michelle both volunteer, reassuring Mike that they are both good at the game and they will help him win the tournament. Meanwhile, on Facebook, Michelle and Mike get more acquainted and after talking more, they start to have feelings for each other.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.24.54 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.24.26 PM
Conversations between Mike and Michelle

We lost our first game and Billy gets very mad because he had to carry the whole team

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.35.30 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.35.40 PM

We again reassure Billy that we are just rusty and to wait until the next game where we will step it up. Meanwhile, Billy learns about Michelle and Mike’s relationship. He gets extremely mad because he has always kept to himself and has never been in a relationship. He envies Mike’s ability to get at girls.



As the tension arises between the three characters, the tournament is threatened even more when BIlly decides to quit the team. He is jealous and also frustrated at the fact that they keep losing.

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.35.57 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 11.36.10 PM

Once we convince him to stay on the team, we win!!! We end up winning the rest of the games of the tournament and Billy trusts us more. He also gets over Michelle and starts to date a model.

Our team became rich and successful, Billy married that model, and Mike and Michelle marry as well and live happily ever after. We give credit to twitter, and the tournament.

This activity was actually really fun after I got into my character and the story she was apart of. It was fun to be part of a different life and pretend to be someone I wasn’t and be into hobbies I am not usually into. I can see why transmedia storytelling is very fun an innovative. It was a nice escape from reality. It reminded me of the tv show catfish, where people pretend to be other people on social media and they scout out potential boyfriends and girlfriends and make that person believe that they are someone they are not. As much as it can bring happiness and escape for someone, I think it is also important to be careful with transmedia storytelling because in a short time, that could actually become someone’s reality.


Wk 9- Classmate Conversation- Ryan Bravo

Ever want to automatically gain confidence by only hearing your own name? Well, Ryan Bravo pretty much has that in the bag with his. Upon hearing his last name, I was pretty jealous of his already.

Ryan Bravo is a sophomore at CSULB and is majoring in Criminal Justice. He is half Mexican, half Puerto Rican. His favorite colors are gray and blue. He lies in Santa Ana, which is pretty convenient since he is a big surfer and loves to surf. I asked if he was good and gave a shy “sort of”, which means yes, he’s probably pretty good at surfing. He has been surfing for 2 years now. His favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys (boo). He swears that they have been his favorite team since forever and has actually gone to a lot of their games. He has still to go to Dallas to see a home game.

He works for target in the loss prevention department, which actually goes hand in hand with his major since he deals with people who steal merchandise. He started as a cashier and later applied for the job and got it. He wants to eventually work in law enforcement. He loves the show criminal minds and America’s most wanted and all of the criminal shows out there.

For the Question of the Week, he stated that his favorite kind of artwork would be the paintings because he feels like the artist can express more through paint and they are able to be more creative.

It was awesome talking to him! Here is our selfie!


Wk 9- Artist Conversation- Eugenio Michelini

This week I had the privilege of admiring the artwork of Eugenio Michelini. His artwork consisted of a caster mold of fishes, lotus flowers, and mandarins over a pond-like ground. Each mandarin and lotus flower was lighted with bulbs, which looked very beautiful in the dark.



He told us that when you work with clay and porcelain, you can try to fix it if it is broke, but when you fire the temperature, it is going to crack. Porcelain as a sort of memory effect where it remembers when you break it. This is symbolic and one of the reasons why Eugenio used porcelain for his piece because his inspiration was actually a collection of childhood memories. He remembered as a child when he lived in the countryside and there was a pond. He always tried to fish in this koi pond that was surrounded by mandarin trees and his mind always recalled that scenery. He absorbs those memories through his senses, since he still remembers the smell of the mandarins. This piece is an interpretation of those past memories. The use of the light represents the visual effect of the memories.

It took Eugenio 5 months to create all the molds and put it together. The lotus flower for him was the easiest park, but the Koi fish was the hardest since it was a 4 piece mold and his had to carve every scale.


Eugenio does not have a website but he does a Facebook page. Check him out! Soon we will see him pursue his interest in Ceramics at hopefully Cal Arts in San Francisco, or University of Georgia.

Wk 7- Classmate Conversation- Leslie Lopez

This week I had the privilege of getting to know the sweetest girl! Her name is Leslie Lopez. She is a sophomore at CSULB and she is majoring in Criminal Justice. Upon asking her why she decided to major in that, she told me that it had a lot to do with the show Law and Order: SUV. She dreams of being like the detective Olivia Benson one day! I think this is so cool especially because mysteries and criminal justice has always intrigued me. Im actually quite jealous of her.

She lives in Paramount and is in the sorority Alpha Omicron Pi. She joined last year as a freshman and really enjoyed it so far. She has a tight knit group of friends and participate in community service events throughout the year that she really enjoys.

During her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, go to the beach, shop, go to the movies, watch netflix, and well be like any college student! She loves dogs and even dog sits!

It was fun talking to Leslie and I know she is going to accomplish great things.

I’m getting better at this selfie thing

Wk 7- Artist Conversation- Jane Weibel

I believe that most people can agree with me that one’s fondest moments are throughout their childhood, where we didn’t have to think about much except for who we are going to play with during recess or where we left our toys. It was a time where we didn’t have many responsibilities or worries, like we have today.

This week I met the artist, Jane Weibel. he created an exhibit inspired totally by her childhood and how she looks back at when she was a child. The whole exhibit was made of flexible materials such as clay, ropes and ceramics.


IMG_0474 2

The whole exhibit is representative of her own childhood memories. She cherished her childhood and wanted to make something that really showed that. The vibrancy of the materials was very important for her, because her memories was full of color and fun.



She was very creative as a child so it wasn’t a big surprise that she wanted to be an artist when she grew older.


It is Jane’s third year here at CSULB and she will be graduating next year. Her favorite artist is Jessica Stockholder. Although she does not have a website, you can visit her instagram for more of her artwork!

Wk 7- Activity- Snapchat

I remember when I first started to get into Snapchat. I never thought it would catch on since it was temporary pictures. Well, I guess I was wrong about that one

This week’s activity involved Snapchat and using the illustration tool to draw on your pictures. We also had to add classmates to see how they drew on pictures of their daily activities. It was fun because I don’t post too much on Snapchat so it was cool to be a little bit more active than usual on it.

At the galleries
Walking down campus

Im actually really proud of the second snap. I think my clouds came out pretty nice. I tried to draw tumbleweed but it didn’t really come out the way I wanted it to so I gave up. Regardless, I think my snap drawings are better than my actually drawing skills.

The snaps of my friends were also really awesome!!

Leslie’s snap at the galleries
Miguel’s snap later at night

I loved Miguel’s snap about the aliens. I thought that was really clever. This was a really fun activity because Snapchatting is so casual and fun and I didn’t have to think so much about what I put onto my story or what i drew. I got to be myself which ultimately is what I think art is all about.

Wk 6- Classmate Conversation- Toni Abad

I think I’m getting the hang of meeting new people and getting to know them. It is honestly something I’m not used to doing or would choose to do, but I’m getting better at it.

This week I met Toni. She is a Psychology major and it is her second year at CSULB. She currently works at Trader Joes at Huntington Beach and she has been working there since she was 16, so about 5 years now! She loves it, since it gives her time to not only go to school, but also gives her time to do what she really loves which is soccer. Since age 5, she has been in AYSO and school teams. Toni is a bit shy, so getting involved in soccer helped her find friends and socialize more, which I totally understand. I think getting involved in sports, clubs, dancing teams etc. helps anyone find friends because you’re all doing something you love and you have that common ground.

I asked Toni if she could live anywhere, where would she live and she replied with Spain. The main reason was because according to her, she is a big foodie and she remembers watching a television show where this guy went to Spain and had churros, which sparked her interest (and honestly can you blame her?). I hope she can go to Spain and try those churros!!! Meanwhile, there is this place called Churros Calientes on Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles that is almost like the real thing. Check it out!

The topic of discussion this week was how different colors make you feel. Here are the colors I gave Toni and how they made her feel:

Purple: Made her think of her room, and it is her favorite color

Pink: Another one of her favorite colors

Blue: Made her think of the ocean, and even though she hates the beach (LIKE ME!) she still thinks it’s pretty to look at

Green: Made her think of the grass in the morning and playing soccer in it

Black: Halloween or spiders

Toni was such an awesome person to talk to. I felt like we could have talked more if we had gotten the chance. Toni told me that she doesn’t take many selfies, and that the amount of selfies that she has taken could probably be counted with one hand. So I’m pretty proud to be part of this selfie.

NIce meeting you Toni!

Wk 6- Artist Conversation- Anahid Malek-Stephanians & Dawn Derry

Within this week’s galleries laid a beautiful collection of paintings of nature, where when you walked in, you felt a wave of serenity. These paintings were of scenic views of mountains, fields, and trees. Although they both had the same concept of nature, there was a clear difference between the paintings. As a went outside to meet the artists, I found out why.

The two of the artists for this gallery were two friends, Anahid and Dawn. It was clear that Dawn was more comfortable speaking to us so most of the interview were in her words. As a kid, Dawn was always drawing and painting, which was a pretty clear indication that art would be a big part of her life in the future. Both of their paintings, although having to do with nature, are very different. Dawn’s painting are more simple and two toned. Here are her paintings.


Dawn’s Paintings

She tries to find balance and take something that looks like a void but then find something within it. She loves to find solitude and beauty in nature, which I think everyone can relate to. We asked her what she would like to do in the future, and she said that she would like to stay with the art community and continue painting and networking. She ultimately wants to get a “real job” and pay for everything.

Anahid was a lot more quiet and it was hard to get anything out of her. I asked her how she thinks her art differs from Dawn and she said that they both bring both different parts of nature, different aspects. Here are some of Anahid’s paintings:



I thought that her paintings were more complex and detailed.

Neither of them have a website, but you can contact them at

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