Within this week’s galleries laid a beautiful collection of paintings of nature, where when you walked in, you felt a wave of serenity. These paintings were of scenic views of mountains, fields, and trees. Although they both had the same concept of nature, there was a clear difference between the paintings. As a went outside to meet the artists, I found out why.

The two of the artists for this gallery were two friends, Anahid and Dawn. It was clear that Dawn was more comfortable speaking to us so most of the interview were in her words. As a kid, Dawn was always drawing and painting, which was a pretty clear indication that art would be a big part of her life in the future. Both of their paintings, although having to do with nature, are very different. Dawn’s painting are more simple and two toned. Here are her paintings.


Dawn’s Paintings

She tries to find balance and take something that looks like a void but then find something within it. She loves to find solitude and beauty in nature, which I think everyone can relate to. We asked her what she would like to do in the future, and she said that she would like to stay with the art community and continue painting and networking. She ultimately wants to get a “real job” and pay for everything.

Anahid was a lot more quiet and it was hard to get anything out of her. I asked her how she thinks her art differs from Dawn and she said that they both bring both different parts of nature, different aspects. Here are some of Anahid’s paintings:



I thought that her paintings were more complex and detailed.

Neither of them have a website, but you can contact them at dawn_derry@yahoo.com