I think I’m getting the hang of meeting new people and getting to know them. It is honestly something I’m not used to doing or would choose to do, but I’m getting better at it.

This week I met Toni. She is a Psychology major and it is her second year at CSULB. She currently works at Trader Joes at Huntington Beach and she has been working there since she was 16, so about 5 years now! She loves it, since it gives her time to not only go to school, but also gives her time to do what she really loves which is soccer. Since age 5, she has been in AYSO and school teams. Toni is a bit shy, so getting involved in soccer helped her find friends and socialize more, which I totally understand. I think getting involved in sports, clubs, dancing teams etc. helps anyone find friends because you’re all doing something you love and you have that common ground.

I asked Toni if she could live anywhere, where would she live and she replied with Spain. The main reason was because according to her, she is a big foodie and she remembers watching a television show where this guy went to Spain and had churros, which sparked her interest (and honestly can you blame her?). I hope she can go to Spain and try those churros!!! Meanwhile, there is this place called Churros Calientes on Santa Monica Blvd in Los Angeles that is almost like the real thing. Check it out!

The topic of discussion this week was how different colors make you feel. Here are the colors I gave Toni and how they made her feel:

Purple: Made her think of her room, and it is her favorite color

Pink: Another one of her favorite colors

Blue: Made her think of the ocean, and even though she hates the beach (LIKE ME!) she still thinks it’s pretty to look at

Green: Made her think of the grass in the morning and playing soccer in it

Black: Halloween or spiders

Toni was such an awesome person to talk to. I felt like we could have talked more if we had gotten the chance. Toni told me that she doesn’t take many selfies, and that the amount of selfies that she has taken could probably be counted with one hand. So I’m pretty proud to be part of this selfie.

NIce meeting you Toni!