This week our activity in class was to participate in transmedia storytelling. Transmedia storytelling involves expanding past storytelling just on paper. Nowadays, we have the opportunity to create a whole other virtual  dimension of storytelling through social media, websites, apps, etc.

My group consisted of Miguel and Angel. We created a story of three members: Billy, Michelle, and Mike. We all come from different parts of the country. My character Michelle comes from Westwood in Los Angeles. She grew up really rich and privileged but was an only child. She sought out friends mostly on the internet and that is where she came across Billy. Billy asked for two people to be able to enter a semi pro gaming tournament for the video game Halo.

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Mike and Michelle both volunteer, reassuring Mike that they are both good at the game and they will help him win the tournament. Meanwhile, on Facebook, Michelle and Mike get more acquainted and after talking more, they start to have feelings for each other.

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Conversations between Mike and Michelle

We lost our first game and Billy gets very mad because he had to carry the whole team

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We again reassure Billy that we are just rusty and to wait until the next game where we will step it up. Meanwhile, Billy learns about Michelle and Mike’s relationship. He gets extremely mad because he has always kept to himself and has never been in a relationship. He envies Mike’s ability to get at girls.



As the tension arises between the three characters, the tournament is threatened even more when BIlly decides to quit the team. He is jealous and also frustrated at the fact that they keep losing.

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Once we convince him to stay on the team, we win!!! We end up winning the rest of the games of the tournament and Billy trusts us more. He also gets over Michelle and starts to date a model.

Our team became rich and successful, Billy married that model, and Mike and Michelle marry as well and live happily ever after. We give credit to twitter, and the tournament.

This activity was actually really fun after I got into my character and the story she was apart of. It was fun to be part of a different life and pretend to be someone I wasn’t and be into hobbies I am not usually into. I can see why transmedia storytelling is very fun an innovative. It was a nice escape from reality. It reminded me of the tv show catfish, where people pretend to be other people on social media and they scout out potential boyfriends and girlfriends and make that person believe that they are someone they are not. As much as it can bring happiness and escape for someone, I think it is also important to be careful with transmedia storytelling because in a short time, that could actually become someone’s reality.