This week I had the privilege of admiring the artwork of Eugenio Michelini. His artwork consisted of a caster mold of fishes, lotus flowers, and mandarins over a pond-like ground. Each mandarin and lotus flower was lighted with bulbs, which looked very beautiful in the dark.



He told us that when you work with clay and porcelain, you can try to fix it if it is broke, but when you fire the temperature, it is going to crack. Porcelain as a sort of memory effect where it remembers when you break it. This is symbolic and one of the reasons why Eugenio used porcelain for his piece because his inspiration was actually a collection of childhood memories. He remembered as a child when he lived in the countryside and there was a pond. He always tried to fish in this koi pond that was surrounded by mandarin trees and his mind always recalled that scenery. He absorbs those memories through his senses, since he still remembers the smell of the mandarins. This piece is an interpretation of those past memories. The use of the light represents the visual effect of the memories.

It took Eugenio 5 months to create all the molds and put it together. The lotus flower for him was the easiest park, but the Koi fish was the hardest since it was a 4 piece mold and his had to carve every scale.


Eugenio does not have a website but he does a Facebook page. Check him out! Soon we will see him pursue his interest in Ceramics at hopefully Cal Arts in San Francisco, or University of Georgia.