Ever want to automatically gain confidence by only hearing your own name? Well, Ryan Bravo pretty much has that in the bag with his. Upon hearing his last name, I was pretty jealous of his already.

Ryan Bravo is a sophomore at CSULB and is majoring in Criminal Justice. He is half Mexican, half Puerto Rican. His favorite colors are gray and blue. He lies in Santa Ana, which is pretty convenient since he is a big surfer and loves to surf. I asked if he was good and gave a shy “sort of”, which means yes, he’s probably pretty good at surfing. He has been surfing for 2 years now. His favorite sports team is the Dallas Cowboys (boo). He swears that they have been his favorite team since forever and has actually gone to a lot of their games. He has still to go to Dallas to see a home game.

He works for target in the loss prevention department, which actually goes hand in hand with his major since he deals with people who steal merchandise. He started as a cashier and later applied for the job and got it. He wants to eventually work in law enforcement. He loves the show criminal minds and America’s most wanted and all of the criminal shows out there.

For the Question of the Week, he stated that his favorite kind of artwork would be the paintings because he feels like the artist can express more through paint and they are able to be more creative.

It was awesome talking to him! Here is our selfie!