This week, I had the pleasure of viewing one of my favorite exhibits this whole semester, and it wasn’t even photography! The whole exhibit used mechanics in order to develop an intricate collection of pieces that were not only interesting to look at, but you could also interact with them. The artist responsible for this exhibit is Matt Dumpit. He is from the Bay Area, more specifically East Bay. He is currently a senior at CSULB and a metals major. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as a metals major, but I believe it now after seeing his exhibit.



The pieces above would move when you would turn the knob and they all looked like wings that were flapping when it was in motion.

Matt told us that he really enjoys engineering. For him, he gets lost in his work and it is like meditation for him to work, as I assume art is for a lot of artists and even those who aren’t necessarily. Art has an effect where if you really enjoy what you are creating, it can heal anything you are going through. For his gallery, it took him 5 months to complete everything. There was this one piece that i thought was so cool. It was a chair made of wires that was so intricate. But another interesting factor was that he put in a light that created a shawdow on the wall of the chair to make it look like a painting on the wall.


FullSizeRenderMatt told us that this chair was inspired by the Victorian style and that he used LED lights to create a clean line to get that painting sense on the wall. Other lights would had made it blurry and the shadows would have blended. His whole inspiration and goal  of the gallery was an expression of his emotions with motion that would get the audience to be involved and participate, not only look at the pieces. I believe that accomplished that.

Eventually, Matt would like to go into design and work in industrial design for an architecture firm.


Matt does not have a website, or any social media pages.