This week we had the assignment to make art out of any type of fibers that we wanted. Immediately when I read up on the assignment, I thought about high school when all of my friends were into making bracelets out of embroidery floss. When you buy this type of fiber, it comes in may different colors shown here:


I decided to make more bracelets for this assignment, because not only am I creating art, i get to share my art with my friends and i get to tailor it to how they like it. I decided to make a bracelet for my friend Romeo and my other friend Melissa!

Romeo chose the colors maroon, yellow and, and white because they were his football team’s colors in high school.

Melissa wanted more pastel colors and I wanted to make hers a little more complicated of a design.

This was the turn out of the bracelets:



Fibers make art very interesting especially because you can do virtually anything with fibers. They come in so many colors and you can cut it, wrap it, fold it, and shape it in any way you want. It is a very versatile material and I know that if I had the creativity of true artists, I could make something really amazing with all kinds of fibers.

I have yet to finish them but I got a sense of nostalgia making these bracelets. I remember the time when I didn’t have to work and in my free time, I could actually make these bracelets for hours on end. It was nice to make that time again for this assignment.