Usually when I enter the art rooms, I always look at the art before reading the artist’s explanation for their work. That way I can interpret what they meant by their work for myself and I don’t have a biased opinion. This week I changed that habit of mine. I immediately read the explanation and it was to say the least very…hateful. Kathy Yoon explained that her art pieces basically represented the anger she has in life and how the hardships have overwhelmed her. She then transcended her feelings through these doll like figurines all positioned differently and in different stages of their life.


I especially liked this ballerina doll because Im a ballerina and I feel exactly the same way she is positioned. I just feel like the figurine is defeated with life, and sometimes that is exactly how I feel. Sometimes, I too just want to quit.


This a picture of all the figurines


This one is my favorite


I feel like this figurine represents those dragging around love when they don’t want to. Love can be a very overwhelming feeling that can follow you around uninvited. Honestly, Ive never related to a piece of art more.

Speaking with Kathy, she explained to us that all the figurines are basically made out of clay, with the exception of the balloons that are made out of tissue paper. It took her about two-three weeks to complete the pieces. Her gallery represents her life experiences, which served as her inspiration. I asked her what her number one emotion was created these pieces and she replied that it was excitement, which I understand because she was probably really excited to show her life and feelings through what she loved doing most. It was a completely new body of work for her so it was her experiment. Before, she mostly would use clay to make animals and focus on realism, but she didn’t get as much out of it as she did with this gallery.

Kathy Yoon

Kathy doesn’t have a website but she does have an Instagram! Follow her here!