This week, I met one of the coolest people I have met all semester in this class named is Daniel Guerrero.

He is a third year biomedical engineering major here at CSULB (I dont know why I have a thing with choosing only math and engineering majors to interview). He wishes to eventually advance prosthetics and make cancer more bearable for the patient, which I think is such a great goal to have. I asked him what made him choose that as a career in which he replied that he has always been inclined to help people and he was inspired by Star Wars. He wants to make prosthetics like the ones you see in those movies and help people who are suffering.

Daniel is originally from Santa Barbara, so he has always been a SoCal kind of guy. Currently, he is living with two other roommates, but like me he wants to eventually live in a more private setting with maybe only one roommate.He currently works at the rock wall in the Rec Center on campus so he gets to communicate and interact with a lot of people throughout the day. After a long day, he doesn’t wish to talk more with his roommates at home so he would like to be somewhere where he can keep to himself at the end of the day. (holla)

For the Question of the Week, we had to ask if the person considered tattoos as art. Daniel immediately replied with yes, no matter if you draw it, create it yourself, or if you choose it out of the book because someone had to have drawn it. Daniel has actually drawn the tattoo that he wants to eventually get. It is of a dragon that is wrapped around protecting a scroll. The scroll has his sibling’s names on it. The dragon represents himself (a lover of dragons) and how he will always protect his siblings. It’s a really touching tattoo concept in my opinion.

He wishes to travel to Europe, and take the “Romantic Tour” of the continent. Not necessarily to go with a love interest or even to find love, he is just merely interested in viewing the most important and romantic spots in Europe. I really hope he get to do this!

It was a pleasure talking to Daniel this week. Check his website out!:)

Oh and I finally didn’t take a selfie this week. We actually got a decent picture!