This week, we had the opportunity to view Christopher Linquata’s artwork. He had a beautiful exhibit of his art. When you first walk into the room, the vivid colors and realistic element of his paintings really intrigued me




My first impression of his artwork was that he was a really big family man. Almost every one of his paintings had a family in it, whether it was his own or someone else’s. I also noticed there was a common theme of the beach, that he clarified was a port in San Pedro, which is one of his favorite places.

He also explained that his paintings are based off religious and renaissance paintings, interpreted by him. His painting, he said, demonstrate that he can still be worldly, or secular, but not necessarily be evil like religion suggests. The third photo is a take on Jesus in the world of demesne when the saints fell asleep while he was praying. In the painting you see him also asleep.

This was his thesis show. It is Christopher’s last year here at CSULB and he sayd that his art has changed drastically since he has started studying here.

He doesn’t have his own website, but he does have an instagram!