This week I had the privilege of getting to know Thomas Santillan.

He is a junior at CSULB majoring in Computer Science. I asked him why he decided to choose computer science, and he told me that he wanted to initially major in math. His friend suggested that he major in computer science instead, so he went for it. Although he doesn’t know exactly what he wants to do with it, he just knows that he likes it and wants to stick with it.

Thomas commutes from LA to Long Beach. He actually bikes to the metro and then bikes from the metro to school almost everyday! He told me about how he used to work at McDonalds and then at Best Buy, which he didn’t like so much, especially because he wasn’t so much into technology.

As a hobby, Thomas likes to read comics, which ends up being costly for him. He started in elementary school where he would read comics. It wasn’t until high school where he actually started collecting them. I asked what his favorite comic is and he immediately replied with Spiderman. he even has a tattoo of the spiderman logo which was really cool.

He told me about his early childhood, and how growing up, his family moved around a lot because of his dad’s job. In a way, they were like nomads. He has lived in Mexico and Minnesota where he first saw snow.

For the question of the week, I asked Thomas which color calms him and he replied with green, because it reminds him of nature. A color that activates him is red, since he feels aggravated by it. It was a pleasure getting to know Thomas this week! IMG_1318

Check out his website!