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December 2015

Wk 14- Artist Conversation

This week the artist that I spoke to was Lourdes Martinez. She is a senior and a photography major at CSULB. The gallery her piece was in was separated and had work of various artists. She only had one piece in the gallery. This was it:


Her piece is a picture of a picture of the Earth from 60 billion miles a away. it is the furthest picture of Earth. She zoomed in all the way to Earth and took a photo of it zoomed in and framed in on the glass. She was really interested in this picture of earth. She told us that photography for the most part is concrete. You take a photo and then you frame it and put it on the wall but she wanted to do something different. She wanted to display this piece almost like a slide under a telescope because it has a science feel to it.


She doesn’t have a website at the moment but is working on it.



Wk 14- Classmate Conversation

This week I had the privilege of speaking to two new people. I think by this time of the semester we have become pros at looking at someone, and just having a mutual understanding that were about to partner up for that classmate conversation. Anyways, this week I spoke to Tabitha Estorga and Jennifer Ramirez.

Tabitha Estorga is a senior here at CSULB and a psychology major. Actually, this is her last semester so she is super close to finishing all her classes. She transferred from Long Beach City College. Tabitha would love to eventually become a youth counselor, so she knows that graduate school is down the line. Right now, she is a server of a private tennis club in Long Beach. We asked her what she loves to do for fun and she replied that she loves being outdoors, whether its at a park or hiking. As for the question of the day, she replied that music is her escape from everything. She loves going to concerts and she and I actually have similar music taste. We both love J. Cole. She also mentioned that she plays the guitar, which was really awesome to learn.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Ramirez. This is her second year at CSULB and she is a bio chem major. She loves science and eventually would love to get her Ph.D. and work for a biotech company. Right now she is actually working at the lab here on campus and works with enzymes. She is originally from Long Beach. Although she hardly has time for herself, she loves to draw. She answered that drawing has made the biggest impact on her life because she gets in her zone and escapes her reality.

Getting to know these girls was the perfect way to end the semester.

Here is our photo!IMG_1572


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